Professional Artists Lamp, Chrome

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Professional Artists Lamp, Chrome

Item Number: U33200


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Created so you can color match every brush stroke accurately 24/7. This flexible lamp with a 70cm long arm comes complete with two clamps for both tables and large easels and a strong 18W daylight™ tube (100W equiv).

  • 1. 360° head joint to direct the light exactly where you need it
  • 2. Bright 18W daylight™ tube (100W equiv.) reduces eye strain and glare
  • 3. Flexible arm and multi-position joint allow easy positioning
  • Supplied with two clamps
  • 4. Easel clamp: Attaches to all floorstanding metal & wooden easels up to 5cm/2" thick
  • 5. Table clamp: Attaches to all tables and work benches up to 5.5cm/2.25" thick


daylight™ colors

Love the colors just the way they are! The daylight™ technology not only reduces eye-strain; it gives you the best colour matching ever.

daylight™ technology

With full spectrum daylight™ technology, your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! No headaches, no red-eyes, working under daylight™ becomes as relaxing and natural as a walk in the park.


Twist the head of your lamp, not yours! With the Easy-Twist 320° head-joint, you can rotate the shade and direct the light exactly where you want. Another innovation from Daylight™.

Energy saving

All Daylight™ bulbs and tubes use 80% less energy. When you work with your lamp, you reduce your electricity bill and do your bit for the planet.

Low heat

Even if you touch the shade or tube of this lamp by accident, you will be safe. All our bulbs and tubes use the Daylight™ low heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety.

In the box

Packaging Image

  • Professional Artists Lamp, Chrome
  • Supplied with 2 clamps: a. easel clamp,up to 5cm b. table clamp, up to 5.5cm
  • 18W energy saving daylight™ PL tube
  • Instruction leaflet

Technical Info

  • Height: 50cm (19½ inches)
  • Weight: 2.4kg (5½ lbs)
  • Arm length: 70cm (27½ inches)
  • Light: 18W (100W)
  • Supplied with 2 clamps: a. easel clamp,up to 5cm b. table clamp, up to 5.5cm
  • Download product information

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