Discover an artist with Daylight: Jana Bouc

Art is her life. When she is not painting or drawing she is thinking about it, or just observing the world around her with artist's eyes and great curiosity.

Jana Bouc has studied art at California College of Art; San Francisco City College; Laney College and Santa Monica College. She has taken private classes and workshops from Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Camille Prezwodek, Elio Camacho, Claire Verbiest, Judy Morris, Arne Westerman, and Susan Cornellis.

Before beginning to paint in the 1980s, Jana was a ceramic artist, creating hand-thrown functional and decorative ceramics. Previous to that she was a fiber artist, creating hand-painted batik apparel and hand-woven rugs. Drawing and sketching have always been part of her life, including keeping illustrated journals of daily life and dreams.

After working solely in watercolor for over 20 years, in 2006 she added oil painting, acrylic, gouache and monotype printmaking to her work. She has also discovered the joy (and challenges) of painting and sketching outdoors around the San Francisco Bay Area.

She carries her sketchbook and a small set of watercolors everywhere she goes and can often be found drawing in cafes, on BART or anywhere something interesting catches her eye.

Her award-winning paintings are in private collections nationally and have been featured in books and magazines.

In 2000 she converted a two-unit El Cerrito-area duplex (San Francisco East Bay) into her home and studio. The light-filled studio provides a comfortable, creative space for the artists who attend her watercolor classes, and is her favorite place to be in the world.

For more information about Jana, visit her website at


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