Blinded veteran benefits from daylight table top lamp

Tom Zampieri, Director of Government Relations for Blinded Veterans Association, uses a Daylight Ultimate Table Top Lamp.

Thomas Zampieri Ph.D. is Director of Government Relations for the Washington, DC-based Blinded Veterans Association, an organization dedicated to making live better for veterans with seeing difficulties.  Mr. Zampieri recently began using the Daylight Ultimate Table Top Lamp (U21048) in hopes that it would enable him to read and work more effectively.  Here are some of his observations:

“I have begun using the Daylight Ultimate Tabletop Lamp in the office. My visual acuity from retinitis pigmentosa is impacted by the amount of light in my environment and so when it’s raining and dark outside I am definitely helped by this lamp. My office desk is next to two large windows, so I notice the problem more on a cloudy day, because of the lower amount of ambient light that comes into my office. I’d say I now use it about half of the time in the office. But I think that an older blinded veteran would probably use the lamp every day use in his house.

“My vision in the right eye is such that it does not always require the additional lighting from the lamp. But for magnification it has been useful, especially to see small print. The magnification is good for newspapers. While I personally rarely ever use the clip-on device that comes with the lamp, I can understand why this feature could help those who might want to have a method of clipping things securely while reading or working at a desk. I hope my informal report on the lamp helps a little.”

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